Stop Wildfires

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Every year in the US loss a lot of people's lives and cost billions dollars on fires.- when the houses -cities - forests - and anywhere gets on fire. We use this project to stop right away the fires. First we'll need the water tanks. Each one contains about 3,000 gallons of water. We'll lay them any places - cities - forests - on the hills - how many tanks - depends on demand - also we need 10 or more Boeing ch 47 choppers. Each chopper will lift up 20,000 lbs or more. When it happens [getting on fire] we'll have a group 10 or more Boeing ch 47 lift up water tanks. Then pour it out on fires - with massive amount of water the fires will stop immediately - now our technology. We had airplanes with red chemicals spread on the brushes. It worked for small fires - hard for massive fires. With the huge fires. We hired the super scooper. From Canada. But no water supply. We had to fight to ocean or lakes to get water. That is the problem. My idea is all over any places have full of water tanks. That is different - more details will share later. Thanks.


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    Huong Pham
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    Electronic Technician
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    THE LONGEST ROLLING FANS . I made mistakes . The curved fan blades would be 73 tablets Instead 197 tablets and the thickness would be 1/3 ft. Instead 2 1/2 ft .please revise when reading those . thanks .
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    It none gas - no pollution . clean air...
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