Guardian 2000

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A miniature water treatment plant. Designed to use the same technology employed by most municipal water companies in the US. The Guardian 2000 takes raw contaminated water from rivers, lakes, ponds, streams, cisterns, any fresh water source, and turns it into Clean Potable water. The Guardian 2000 produces clean water at a rate of 6 GPM.

The compact size of the Guardian 2000, and the modular design, allows it to be used in many different situations. It can be put into a single dwelling, bolted in the back of a truck, or set up to provide clean drinking water for a small village. The Guardian 2000 can be used in rural areas where it would otherwise be cost prohibitive to run miles of water line. It is automated to allow easy, reliable, & continuous operation. The Guardian 2000 comes on a stainless steel frame so that it will last a life time.


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