Design and Optimization of Renewable Energy Structure

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Three important factors guarantee the performance of a generation chain of renewable energy are their efficiency, production cost and simplicity of the control algorithm to achieve a practical implementation in real time. Thus, three-generation chain structures of renewable energy are presented and studied in this paper for a selective comparative study to knowledge:
• Renewable Energy structure with DC-DC inverter elevator as protection system.
• Renewable Energy structure with excitation current regulator as protection system.
• Renewable Energy structure with regulated braking torque as protection system.

These three types of energy generation chain are modeled simulation environment Matlab-Simulink. Simulation results encourage the choice of the generation chain with excitement current regulation system for its good efficiency, continuity of energy recovery than it is ranked the least expensive.


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    Souhir Tounsi
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    Analytic Computation for Electric Engines Simulator, Matlab, Finite Element Simulator (FEMM 4.2), Genetic Algorithms Simulator for performances optimization.
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