Design of Excavator Arm

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This project for community services represents the designing and development of an alternate excavator arm which can be used without the electric supply or by consumption of fuel at a consistent turn. The project primarily aims at bringing the engineering technologies and innovative designs at the easiest disposal of the community to reduce efforts of the people to simple day to day activities and also to reduce time to do a specific task with the least efforts. Therefore, efforts have been taken to keep in focus the conventional objectives of the project, and a sustainable model with the no intervention of electricity or fuels, in the working principle of the excavator arm, which is a combination of mechanisms to construct the arm are used. The single most important pre-requisite for this project is its portability and varied large scale application. The prime mover to develop this mechanism lies in the objective towards green manufacturing and eco-friendly environment. The main objective of this project for which it was designed for, is to ease the process of plantation of saplings and dig the soil up to 3 feet. However, it can also be used for a variety of other applications such as cleaning of highly viscous oil deposits on the beaches, cleaning of weeds at the outskirts of a farm, softening the soil of farms, burial of animals and waste foods for decomposition, etc.



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    Shivam Yadav
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    The health auburns faced by new born due to weather conditions in the vicinty to my university locality is the inspiration of this project. The increasing toll of death rates of new born has driven me to apply my engineering knowledge to the best of the community service which is a subsidy to me from the community.
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