RIGHT MIX STRIPS™ - Ethanol Fuel Test Kit

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Standards continue to evolve on lower emissions for internal combustion engines, based on technology advancements and regulatory requirements. Adopting best practices and following manufacturer guidelines on ethanol fueling will further help reduce damage to equipment and the environment.

The RIGHT MIX STRIPS™ are rapid and simple to use test strips; they detect ethanol percentage levels in gasoline, that is commonly used in two-stroke and four-stroke engines. The test is conducted by immersing the end of the strip in a sample of fuel and obtaining the result from the position of the ethanol line, which moves up the strip until it reaches the applicable ethanol content rating.

1. Improve the Diagnostic Process
As part of a standard diagnostic check or repair procedure, it's no secret ethanol misfuelling can lead to engine start-up problems or even engine failure. Even with a few drops of fuel, just 0.5ml, the RIGHT MIX STRIPS™ can visually distinguish the presence or content of ethanol in a fuel mixture. Other conventional methods require water and will not work with such a small amount of fuel.

2. Attach Results to Work Order/Invoice
The RIGHT MIX STRIPS™ test result label is a useful component of the kit. The test result label allows the person performing the test to write information such as date, work order number, engine type, test result (percentage of ethanol content in the fuel) and notes on the label. Once the test is complete, the technician can attach the test strip to the test result label, then staple it to a work order or customer invoice.

3. Performance Tuning Aid
Ethanol can increase engine power when used in custom racing and modified applications. It has unique properties which include a higher-octane rating and it is less likely to cause detonation. The RIGHT MIX STRIPS™ can help as a tuning aid, to help verify the ethanol blend during performance tuning and as a sanity check when filling up.

4. Save Money on Warranty Claims
Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) and Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE) Manufacturers have taken issue with higher ethanol blends. Warranty claims related to damage being caused to engines and other components have risen. Misfuelling and running an engine outside of manufacturers operating specifications, will likely void the manufactures warranty. These unnecessary warranty claims could be avoided altogether. Accept or reject warranty claims, with diagnostic evidence on the work order itself.

5. Recover Fuel Test Cost
It is necessary to complete any repair effectively and provide a good customer experience. A small fuel test fee can be charged to the customer to recoup costs associated with general diagnostic inspection or repair. Industry wide, shop fees are being charged already, relating to using other consumable items such as solvents, adhesives, cleaners, etc.

Fullspeed Technology Inc. is a Canadian company led by Greg Ahira, an entrepreneur whose vision is to create and bring to market innovative products and services. Learn more at fullspeedtechnology.com and rightmixstrips.com for product details.



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