Solar Flower

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Nature has many times given us precise answers for many problems. The flower is a natural designed solar collector which optimizes the solar rays receiving area.
For that purpose our proposed solar collector and generation system is denominated solar flower.

The surface facing the sun is covered by a thin transparent PV film, that can also be colored as need that will always be faced towards the sun to maximize the receiving area. Is can be opened and close with a mechanism similar to the reverse umbrella opening, rotated in various degrees to follow the sun direction or parallel to the ground to be utilized, in rainy days, to receive the rainwater and distribute it to underground water tanks for further utilization.

We are proposing both utilizations. The solar flower, at due dimensions, can be positioned above buildings of any size and perform their functions. Due to their high aesthertic value it can also enhance the landscape and cityscape views adding a needed touch of color and natural feelings to a totally artificial environment.


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