Eco - Humidifying Windmill

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Passenger vehicles and different types of administering material companies produce pollution and contribute significant amounts of nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and other harmful chemical pollutions. On record since 2013 to this present time has tripled the effect of an under balanced eco system, unbalanceing our seasonal schedule effecting our lively hood as humans and forcing the production of natural resources to come to a dangerous low. Over the years we've come to the terms of noticing we need clean air we buy humidifiers and other promising gadgets to forfill out temporary and restrained needs. These issues bring me to the point of the functions of how humidifiers actually work for example they use an internal fan to pull air into the unit and pass it across a water-saturated wick filter to absorb moisture. Humidifiers are helpful when maintaining temperature, when the heated water is at it's boiling point it vaporizes. With this function we are able to recycle carbon, oil, and clean air producing a system that is continuing to mine and reproduce resources. I'm proposing a mining product similar to windmills, a windmill is a mill that converts energy of the wind into rotational energy. These windmills are subjected to be 100% recyclable from the resources it produce to the building of this equipment made from only recyclable materials. This produce is not only sustaining the quality of life it give use unmanned resources and balances the season's. Water can be used as a filter to contain pollutions in the air. The windmill blades cycling the air, turbulence continually remewing the air quality as well as lessing the air born bacteria.


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