Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

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If the efficiency of a wind turbine is increased, then more power can be generated thus decreasing the need for expensive power generators that cause pollution. This would also reduce the cost of power for the common people. The wind is literally there for the taking and doesn't cost any money. Power can be generated and stored by a wind turbine with little or no pollution. If the efficiency of the common wind turbine is improved and widespread, the common people can cut back on their power costs immensely. The blades on vertical axis windmills are designed to give resistance to the wind and are as a result pushed by the wind.


• Suitable for low wind speed conditions.
• Suitable for small scale power generation such as residential applications etc.
• Can withstand to extremely bad weather conditions of snow, ice, sand etc.
• Lighter weight, lower construction cost and Installation costs.
• Does not cause any harm to the wild life.
• Capable of generating more power on annual basis when compared with HAWTs. Can withstand high wind velocities up to 65 m/s and also operate well in turbulent wind conditions.
• Service, repairs and maintenance can be done very easily as the generator, gear box and other major components are almost placed close to the ground.

Comparison Of HAWT And VAWT


Power Generation Efficiency Yes No
Blade Rotation Speed Quite Large Quite Small
Wind Resistance Capability Weak Strong
Noise 5-60 Db 0-10db
Starting Wind Speed High Low
Failure Rate High Low
Maintenance Complicated Convenient
Rotating Speed High Low
Effect On Birds Dangerous safe
Cable Stranding Problem yes no



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