Self-energy Generating Material

Presently nuclear energy is used as a one of the potential sources of energy. But the main problem is the adverse effect of nuclear energy on the human body and environment. Several accidents have occurred throughout the world and a massive number of people died or were affected by the harmful effect of nuclear energy. Especially, the developing countries have no security measured in this purpose. But mitigating the power crisis, the developing countries are looking through the nuclear energy. But the construction of nuclear power plant yet to be challenged for the people or the government. In this context, I have an idea of fabrication of self energy generating materials in place of uranium. This new type of material will be environmentally friendly and risk-less for the human body. The power output will almost be same as nuclear energy. But it will reduce the operating and power generation cost. I am proposing the new "Self-energy generating material" and hopefully it will be accepted for the reward. The material will be fabricated by some self-energy generating particle and atomic transfer mechanisms.


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    Prof. Dr. Mohammad Asaduzzaman Chowdhury
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    Sustainable bandgap formation in 2D graphene
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