FES - 75kW Cheapest New Autonomous Energy Generator for Groups of Homes

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Nowadays renewable energy is expanding more and more in spite of fossil based one. But all of them are subject to limitations and constraints when applied alone. So considerable efforts aim to integrate different energy sources, as hybrid and renewables together, to overcome this issue. This invention overcomes all of these issues, by implementing a new concept energy generator, which is capable of developing energy up to 75kW for a group of homes, regardless of renewable or fossil sources. As given in the picture, the invention integrates a starting battery associated to a Ultracap Pack, connected to a buck-boost DC/DC converter/regulator. This DC/DC converter is connected to a newest Hexacoil Resonator Pack (HRP). The HRP has a spring-rod in the centreline, connected to a Super-Magnet Automatic Servo-mechanism (SMAS), for bringing the HRP closed to a multi-stage high torque Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Generator (AFPMG), when actuated. The multi-stage AFPMG is stiffly mated with a commercial PMG by a single shaft, the same used as in the wind-energy generator field. Thence the PMG is connected to the local mains bar of each home by an AC Power Regulator, to give the requested power supply. The AC Power Regulator also manages the DC/DC Converter for battery and ultracaps discharging/recharging cycles.

When user loads are connected to the local mains power bar, the AC Power Regulator causes a voltage drop at HRP terminals, so that the entire system is started up and a strong EMF is generated by the HRP, by causing the SMAS to get closed to the multi-stage AFPMG, by driving it up to saturation. So the multi-stage AFPMG turns the PMG up to the max rotating speed, to generate the requested power mains and recharge the battery and ultracap packs as well. Battery and ultracap packs are only be used at initial start and recharged accordingly as above, so that charge/discharge cycles are reduced to minimum and reliability is brought at the highest level too.

Rotation of the PMG is clamped at high rates by the closed energy loop between HRP and the AC Power Supplier as above, without additional energy inputs.

Groups of homes can be equipped with this new energy generator up to 75kW and be also connected to public mains grid via commercial rephasing modules and switching circuits, to become an energy supplier for GSE, when energy is not used at home.

A prototype has successfully been tested and being under patenting cycle. Supporting partners are welcomed for project refinement and financial funding as well.
Additional applications of this invention are under study for transport operations, as hybrid/EV vehicles and others transport means.

prof. eng. Riccardo Tarelli UNINA - Federico II Naples (Italy) www.academia.edu


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