"Save Oil" Heavy-duty Bypass Filter for Lubrication or Hydraulic Oil Systems

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“Motor oil does not wear out, lose its lubricating properties or change viscosity as long as it is kept free of impurities” -The U.S. Bureau of Standards.

The Clean Engine, Inc. Oil Filtration System (OFS) is an aftermarket, heavy-duty by-pass oil filter for diesel engine lubricating oil or hydraulic oil systems. Our OFS increases fleet or individual equipment productivity and engine life-cycle for material handling, transport equipment/vehicles or trucks and any other heavy equipment. These benefits are achieved by the OFS continually providing a higher degree of cleaned oil into the engine sump, or by removing particles and moisture from hydraulic fluid systems (as verified by oil analysis), significantly extending the engine lubricating or hydraulic system oil change interval.

Thus a fleet of trucks will be in service longer, not requiring as frequent oil maintenance, and expenses for new oil purchases or waste oil disposal are reduced. Improved fuel economy and reduction in generating CO2 is also a by-product of using our filter. Our hydraulic filter system is aboard the SeaLaunch,LLC vessels (Odyssey LP) since 2007, protecting both azimuth systems and other hydraulic systems. The filters protect the hydraulic system for moisture/condensation contamination, not requiring a hydraulic fluid change for several years. Our OFS has been used on trucks with port terminal operators whose trucks have gone over five years without requiring an oil change, as verified by oil analysis. We are currently testing with “truck trains" in the Australian outback with super results, and are used aboard the engines of large fishing vessels in New Zealand. We are negotiating for the installation of our filters in large diesel generators in the South Pacific islands.

The OFS works by removing solid particle contaminants, down to one micron, and removing liquid contaminants in the oil (diesel fuel, water moisture/condensation, in the case of hydraulic fluid). Cleaned oil is, therefore, constantly returned to the sump. This results in reduced expense for purchases of new oil and waste oil disposal.
Moreover, we have filters installed in the 450 HP engines of fishing vessels in Tauranga Port in New Zealand.

The following is a summary of Clean Engine’s OFS proven benefits:

• Increases productivity of commercial trucks, heavy equipment and material handling & support equipment (significantly extends the oil/hydraulic fluid change interval), and readiness of military equipment;
• Reduces waste stream of used oil, crushed filters, transport of new or used oil, use of cleaning solvents (as is in the case of re-useable filters);
• Reduces expense for new oil, use of additives, disposal expenses for used lubricants;
• Reduces maintenance expense for oil/hydraulic fluid change (i.e., labor), parts washer, and/or solvents (as is in the case of re-useable filters);
• Increases ROI - maintains engine/hydraulic system integrity by removing particles down to 1 micron and liquid contaminates (water, fuel) within the oil;
• Provides for resource recovery through processing Oil Filtration system cotton cartridge in waste-to-energy (WTE) facilities (e.g., cement kilns, electric power plants);
• Reduces environmental liability exposure.


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