Dielectric Cell

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Design and construction of the dielectric cell
• A parallel plate dielectric cell developed using 3D printing, Laser cutting and traditional machining techniques.
• Electrodes (guarded and unguarded) and threaded rod obtained from aluminum rod using traditional machine techniques.
• Attach two copper wires to the guard ring (guard electrode), one to the guarded electrode, and one to the unguarded electrode
Importance and Application
• This technology helps in performing the dielectric spectroscopy of materials suitable for energy storage at a very low cost that even students can use.
• Easy to fabricate and easy to operate.
• Obtain dielectric measurements with ease; no training is required.
• Hook the dielectric cell to an LCR meter to assess the capacitance, the dissipation factor, the resistance, the impedance, and inductance of the material under test (MUT)
• The material under test (the composite material) should have the same diameter as the unguarded electrode and it should be sandwiched between the electrodes.


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    Dieff Vital
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    Dieff Vital Dr. Christopher Coughlin Dr. Melba Horton
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    I was in need of an instrument to perform dielectric spectroscopy for my senior capstone class. The instruments that could help me do that were very expensive and then my advisors and I made the decision to build our own device in order to achieve my project goals.
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