Using Mud to Prevent Forest Fire Spreading

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Piece of wood surrounded by mud doesn’t burn easily. In fact, after becoming dry, it will be an insulating layer which more or less prevents burning.

This property will be an perfect solution to stop the spreading fire during forest fire fights. Instead of using water alone, which has proved in different occasions unable to stop intense forest.

Fires the idea is to add fine earth which is an abundant material, to the water pumped, and by surrounding burned trees by mud obtained it will delimit ravaged zone, at a given distance, and create such as barrier more or less resistant. And a priori, it can no longer directly attack tree trunks and branches but indirect combustion may will be possible if the fire is intense, enough, even in this case. But the combustion will be very long, which is, of course, an advantage for teams fighting fire.

To make this basic idea, as reality, it will be necessary to carry out some testing to see which one allows the operation to take place in a short time seen the great challenge that often breaks the fire Meaning using less effort and less costs.

The other hand, that best allows to eject the mud on the trees so that these are well surrounded by a uniform layer, the thickness of which is sufficient enough, after drying, to isolate the trunks and branches of the trees in the direct attack of the fire.

The pumping equipment should be designed to be used in all kind of -terrain vehicles, same in the extreme operation condition as well.


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    Too many forest fires and the concern to preserve our environment
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