50 to 80% Water Savings

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Today we have ultra modern toilets but for flushing we still use water even if we go for urine at least for urine purpose we human waste 1 to 5 litre whether we are in public toilet or home. My method is simple instead water we can use sand as this sand can be recyclable by heating the sand or decomposing method.

HOW IT'S WORKS:- Suppose we go to public toilet what we do first flush water than we urine it & than again we flush it so we waste water. But in my concept instead of water we use SAND.

Suppose we go to toilet what you will see in closet sand do urine on sand and flush it instead of water sand get flush in which urine is done after flushing all sand other amount sand comes and get deposit on the close and when some other person come he/she can use it. In a week or day one time closet can clean with water, in sand we can mix some fragrance, solution or powder for kill germs and to get good smells.

If we use sand we need pipeline will have extra fitting like motor and screw shaft what shown n image 1.


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