(24/7) From Solar Thermal-to-Electrical Energy

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Renewable energy challenge
(From solar thermal energy to electrical energy)

This challenge is an individual idea to use 100% sustainable energy source to provide 100 % renewable energy.

This idea is based on the use of the solar heating system consisting of thermal heat collectors of a certain area that can provide adequate thermal energy to produce a pressurized steam, that in turn will press over the water surface confined in a pressure vessel to pump it up to a higher level tank, giving the the water an increase in its potential energy, that will be restored when the water will be released downward by gravity in a form of kinetic energy to drive a hydraulic turbine that is connected to an electrical generator to produce electrical energy. The system will consist of two lower vessels that will work alternativlly to pump or receive the water from the upper open tank.

The system is scalable to the MW scales and the material to be used is accessible also. For example the use of a suitable pipes diameter 1000 mm with appropriate pressure rate can reduce the costs, in addition to the easy design of the thermal collectors. The impact on the environment can be viewed in a relatively big area required for the thermal solar collector.

Important to note that while the amount of water streaming down by gravity is calculated for 24 hours, the same amount of water should be pumped up from the lower pressure vessel to the upper open tank in a time less than 24 hours (from 3 to 10 hours for example based of the area of the solar thermal collectors) to avoid the intermittance of the system. This is also scalable based on the storage design period. The main advantage in such energy storage method is simplicity and stability in electrical energy generation, in addition to the cost effectiveness for a long period of time, and scalability to Multi-Megawatts. A control system for valves opening and closing must be integrated to provide alternative shift from one pressure vessel to another.

The mature boilers valves safety systems can be applied to provide the secure smooth work of the system. I have studied producing 1 kwh of energy only as a sample for 24 hours, and it will be provided when requested only due to the limited size of the description.

Thank you

Presented by: Marwan M.Sallouta
Auto-mechanical Engineer

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