Water Crisis - an Urban Solution

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Nearly 70% of the earth is covered by water. Only 2.5% of it is fresh & only 1% freshwater is accessible. The world is facing a scarcity of water - termed as water crisis. Wastage of water is seen and documented by various agencies. In urban lifestyle, one of the areas where water is wasted unknowingly is in gardens, terrace gardens. On terrace gardens excess water is sprayed on plants which runs off the pots. This is a huge loss of water. The intent is to control the water going to plants. This is achieved by drip irrigation, controlled through digital timer, driven by battery charged through solar panel. Drip irrigation gives an obvious advantage of watering the plants right at their roots. Digital timer gives an advantage of controlling the amount of water going to the plants. Solar panel gives an advantage of using the natural resource and not depending on electricity to drive this whole system. This will help in saving the amount of water & can be used by those in need.

The other advantage of this system is that it can be used for automatic watering of plants and one has not to worry watering plants manually (can take care of plants when you are on vacation). Using solar panel to generate energy and watering the plants is like giving back what is created by mother nature.


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