Food Security App

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USDA's Economic Research Service (ERS) defines food waste as "the component of food loss that occurs when an edible item goes unconsumed, as in food discarded by retailers due to color or appearance and plate waste by consumers." Food waste includes the half-eaten meal left on the plate at a restaurant, food scraps from preparing a meal at home and the rotten milk a family pours down the drain.

To reduce the amount of this waste I present here a concept for a mobile Food Security App generation.

The Food Security App would be for individual mobile phones where the member of the family could calculate the required amount of grocery and any food items to be fetched for the entire family instantly thereby reducing the extra purchase of any food item and which will finally help the nation to reduce the food waste.

As I am not an App developer, I am just conveying the concept of my mobile App to reduce the food waste for a sustainable world where food shortage in many nation results in human death.


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    Shukla Acharjee
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    The death due to Hunger in low income group country
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