Ultra efficient heat engine

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Hello, Everyone. This is team Blue Energy Australia. My name is David Huang. I am the founder of Blue Energy Australia. I am also an inventor. My invention is a heat engine, which can be used in automobiles for transport, electricity generation, renewable energy storage, emission reduction, industrial and mining business etc.

My invention for this competition is Blue Energy Thermal Engine (BETE). It is an invention with high potential to disrupt many sectors of human civilization, such as the car industry. It is an engine with high energy efficiency. This engine is the first in human history to apply leverage solution to modulate none constant force due in gas expansion and compression into a constant output force. This solution will make engine extremely energy efficient.

For people with fair qualification in mechanical engineering and scientific education will find out the why BETE is designed in such way. They can go through the information in Blue Energy Australia website for better understanding. The website address is: www.e-ternity.com.au

In particular, we would recommend you read the blog on off grid electricity. Electricity is important part of human society. There are many factors to influence the cost. When heat engine becomes very efficient, the outcome is not just price we pay. It will also affect the endeavor to move away energy sources from fossil energy to renewable.


We are also working on flying cars and space travel. BETE is only part of innovation for the future disruptive transport system, which will erase the boundary of car, aircraft and space travel. Flying cars that don't have wheel, transmission, gear, physical friction break, and be capable of VTOL is in Blue Energy Australia agenda. Next heat engine invention, which we call Blue Energy Buoyancy Engine (BEBE), will change the future transport system into the era only seen in Sci-Fi movies.

To understand the theory in BEBE, we have written a blog on the conventional propulsion technology based on rocket engine. The finding is quite interesting.


To combine BETE and BEBE, the future transport solutions will be highly likely moved to airborne VTOL, which stands for vertical Take Off Landing. We are trying to establish connection with existing manufacturers and business operators to make BETE and BEBE the engines that will change our future.

BETE is published and patent pending. BEBE is not yet published and has to be concealed at the moment.



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  • Name:
    Da Wei Huang
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    Team members:
    David Huang Founder of Blue Energy and inventor Jorge Andrés Cifuentes Gutiérrez Design engineer Emilio Cifuentes Design engineer Pio Arias Physicist, mathematician and scientist
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    Business Owner/Manager
  • Da Wei is inspired by:
    To find solutions which empowers human society to move away from fossil energy to renewable.

    The solutions to make our world efficient and less impact to the environment.

    I believe we can do much more to have more affordable and sustainable life.

    Love space exploration and travel. I have found major flaw in rocket engine. BEBE can be regarded as analogue to a warp engine. I am a big fan for Sci-fi movies.
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