High Efficiency and Environment Friendly Gas Engine

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Recently the regulation of engine exhaust gas is more and more tight and in electricity generation industry gas engine is more and more promising instead of turbine using liquid fuel and diesel engine. Because gas engine using natural gas has advantage of stable supply and low exhaust harmful gas, the demand of gas engines rapidly increase in electricity generation industry.

I think the adoption of gas engine is best to overcome the problem of air pollution, high price of oil and shortage of oil. Specially shale gas boom rises in USA, Canada and so on. In the long term view, because the supply increase and the price stability of natural gas, it is needed to develop the high efficient and environment-friendly gas engine.

Presently gas engine for electric generation use the mixer system. Because the gas engine using mixer system have deviation of mixed gas (air and fuel) in cylinders, it has low efficiency, low power and much harmful exhaust gas. The mixing method of air and fuel to solve the defect of mixer system is MPI(Multi-point injection). MPI system independently control air and fuel, and directly supply gas fuel into intake port. The system has high combustion efficiency and power by minimizing fuel deviation supplied into each cylinder. It is easy to control gas fuel by inject fuel into each cylinder. So the MPI system has good response, drivability and low harmful exhaust gas.

The thing to do for development of gas engine is belows.

1> Buy the base engines with MPI system.
I can buy the above engines from CNG bus manufacturer in South Korea.

2> Development of fuel pump to raise gas fuel pressure from 200mmAq to about
8 bar for injection into engine cylinder.
I will develop the pump with fuel pump manufacturer in South Korea.

3> Development of ECU for gas engine.
I will develop the ECU with vehicle ECU maker in USA.
This ECU of gas engine generator is easier to develop than vehicle ECU.

According to market research report, the demand of gas engine generator will rise to double(2017-2024).
In the world, the demand of gas engine generator tha Asia and North America is dominently rise.

By my analysis, the gas engine generator of 42% efficency can save about 100,000 US dollars for a year in fuel price compared to gas engine of 32% (running 20 hours per day in a year).


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