Pyrolysis - With Clean Biwaste Technology Towards a Sustainable Future

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Our pyrolysis plant, Bio-Alternative (BA), delivers a solution to the growing waste problem worldwide. Our design is unique in its vertical construction and for the first time it is possible to not only recycle pelleted organic pieces, but to pyrolyze any type of organic waste (wood, feces, even plastics) and use the output materials (raw oil, biogas and biochar) as a renewable energy source (biogas and raw oil), resp. to apply biochar in teh soil as a strategy for co2-mitigation, as well as to increase soil fertility by applying either biochar or directly terra preta (biochar mixed with humus and compost). This design is novel, as the newest insights of scientific research have been included and it is the solution for industrialized, as well as developing countries, as it offers a solution as well for decentralized energy production by implementing a grid of pyrolysis plants. Our design is based on the thought of making it suitable for any kind of requirements of the user, and thus can be specifically reproduced to it's need. As we link our product to our work related to sustainable agriculture and environmental education, our pyrolysis plant is part of a holistic approach to adapt to changing circumstances and making human-relevant ecosystems more resilient.

The implementation can be realized adapted to the needs of the user. We either can produce 100% Swiss-made products or if requested produce low-cost machines with a partner in Asia. The production of such a machine takes around 8 months, in the buying price we include the build-up, as well as the instructional courses to use the plant. We offer the opportunity to either buy just the end products of our own machine (prototype on our farm), or produce entire machines, which again offers the unique opportunity to the owner to earn money by recycling organic waste.

The practical implementation of the pyrolysis is interesting for so many different actors: farmers (plant and / or livestock based ), recycling stations, villages and cities, food producers / industry, etc. As the machine can be produced depending on the seize required, the machine allows a small-, medium-, and large-scale production of biochar and energy that can be used local or be an input to a national agricultural and energy grid. Especially as land degradation neutrality (SDG 15.3) and climate change mitigation are at the pulse of time, our pyrolysis plant offers a solution applicable on many different levels.


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