Energy Generation From Household Waste Water and Excreta

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To meet the challenges of crisis the project “ENERGY GENERATION FROM HOUSEHOLD WASTE WATER AND EXCRETA (EHWE)” may be a successful way in multi storied building complexes. The ‘EHWE’ uses the household waste water and excreta to generate hydroelectric power and electric from bio-gas respectively. The waste water from the upper stories (above second floor) are collected in a tank, which is placed at second floor level, and which is connected to the turbine-based hydro-electric power generating system (that will placed under ground) via outlet water pipes.

Again the excreta from the houses of these upper stories are collected to a bio-digester tank, which will placed at the second floor level, and which generates bio-gas. The water formed due to such transformation of excreta by bacteria-enacullam are added to the water tank of hydro electric generating system. The produced bio-gas is then passed through a bio-gas storage chamber which also collects from excreta from lower stories i.e. second story and below. Thus the project EHWE can supply energy which may be supplemented to the daily need of energy in a complex. The daily average energy may be utilized for lighting of boundaries, car parking areas or staircases of building complex. Energy generated depends on nos. of flats and building complex and amount of waste water and excreta. It may be 0.1Kmw to 0.5mw per day.


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