Reflow - Sustainable 3D print materials

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Reflow creates sustainable 3D printing materials with heart and precision. We transform local waste streams into premium material to fuel the 3D printing revolution. While 3D printing is taking off we have an unique opportunity to make sure this industry is zero-waste and a true driver of a fully circular future. Local manufacturing, done with locally sourced sustainable materials.

Over the last 50 years, we have grown industries that have become addicted to plastics. In 2014 alone 311 million tonnes of plastic was produced. And this production is expected to double over the next 20 years. As less that 14% of plastics are recycled, enormous amounts of it are seeping into the oceans, polluting the lands and entering our food chains.With 3D printing becoming increasingly popular in a variety of industries we have to act now and make sure we can turn around the mistakes of the past.

To do this, Reflow has developed a flexible, low-cost extruder that is able to take sustainable input and turn it into the highest quality product. Through our flexible model we are able to provide a sustainable product at industrial quality and a better price. With our custom screw, quality testing, software and high precision barrel we are able to make industry quality materials on a machine that is the 10th of the price. As we are not stuck with a high CAPEX machine we can easily switch production and set up modular workshops anywhere in the world that can easy scale up or down depending on demand. We've already set up production in Delhi, Amsterdam and piloting in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Our goal is to create a world where local makers everywhere can take sustainable sources and fuel this creative revolution called 3D printing. Together we can make sure that 3D printing lives up to it's potential of becoming the cornerstone of the circular economy. Together we can create a world where our oceans are clean, our plastics degrade and where everyone can use their imagination to make the products their communities really need.


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