Hydroxy Gas Generator

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The idea of this project initiated from reduction of fuel consumption and exhaust emissions in SI engines. We studied various types of additives in gasoline for the SI engine. Out of them we found Hydroxy or HHO gas is a very convenient additive for SI engine. We generated HHO from dry cell. For required flow rate we tried various iterations and configurations. The dry cell is nothing but an HHO generator which generates HHO gas from an electrolysis process. In the electrolysis process the water is split into oxygen and hydrogen and the mixture of these two gases is known as hydroxy or HHO gas. The electrolysis process requires one additional member to split the water like NaOH , kOH. The HHO generator is made up of stainless steel plates which are fixed together by means of nut and bolts to form a closed container. Rubber gaskets are used to ensure a leak proof process.

From literature review we studied engine characteristics and performance after addition of HHO. After that we carried out various tests like acceleration test, fuel economy test & exhaust emission tests. From all these tests it is concluded that the addition of HHO in engine is very beneficial and improves overall performance of the vehicle.


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    Nitin Lingayat
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    Nitin Lingayat Sakshi Patil
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