Engines with no Need for Fuel

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My design idea relates to energy engineering and more particularly to the alternative energy technology of getting power from the fundamental forces of nature such as gravity, elasticity and magnetism.

The potential benefits of this design idea is getting renewable energy along with using sunlight, wind, tides, plant growth, and geothermal heat as sources of energy.

My patents AU 2013267055, AU 2014200321 and AU 2014201879 describe a universal method for converting permanent physical forces like gravity force, spring force or the force of permanent magnets into work and energy. The main element of the design in the engines, carrying out a force conversion is toroidal mechanical construction described in detail here http://www.ipaustralia.com.au/applicant/zenin-vladimir-mr/patents/AU2014240249/. Direct conversion of these forces in energy was impossible before. My project is in the research stage of the efficiency of converting physical forces into energy using the working model of the basic toroidal design.

Engines without fuel usage needs will be applied wherever used engines running on fuel and replace them in the future. In space, they will replace solar panels.
Individual sources of electrical energy must be wherever people need them. This will eliminate the need to laying electrical wires in the fields, in the mountains, forests, towns and cities. This will be wireless electricity, which saves people from many of today's problems. Harnessing energy from permanent physical forces like gravity force, spring force or the force of permanent magnets would be of great advantage. What is very important is that the energy sources are clear.

The main elements of the design in the engines, carrying out a force conversion are:
– the rotor with heavy weight, springs or magnets;
– dynamic stator, made of cylinders placed in the form of a torus with helical strips on its surface, which are under physical forces action in tangent direction, and
– transmission for transmitting torque from the dynamic stator to the rotor's shaft.

A detailed description of the magnet engine action is here https://www.researchgate.net/publication/292612526_Harnessing_permanent_magnets%27_power. The principle of gravity and spring engine operation is the same, which makes it possible to use the basic model for research and development of various engines.

The uniqueness of the toroidal mechanical construction lies in the fact that in the synchronous rotation of the cylinders, forming torus, strips on their surfaces create continuous endless pathway on the inner surface of the torus. As a result, rotor’s magnets or guiding wheels move under the influence of the driving force along this path by staying always opposite helical strips of the stator. Changing driving force in rotor, we can control the power of the engine.

The disclosed design idea is not beyond calculations and engineering design. No special design techniques or unique technologies are needed to build these engines. They can be built using common components and materials of modern electric motors, machines and mechanisms.

I cannot compare the cost of engines with other product because there are no similar products on the marketplace today.


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