Cyclic Wind & Water Powered Turbine and Machine

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Water wave energy and wind energy are types of sustainable energy resources.
To use these enormous energy resources this turbine design has been developed.
Design Statement:
Design has following parts:
1. Wings (two or more in quantity to generate required magnitude of upward and downward lift)
2. Flywheel
3. Supporting rod
4. Bearing to rotate the whole turbine about the axis of support to accommodate the influence of fluid flow direction.
The wings are connected to the flywheel with the help of links/connecting rods that are hinged on central support to assist the wing’s upward and downward motion that came result into the effect of aerodynamic or flowing fluid forces.

Working: Two different types of wings (according to airfoil shape) that are mounted opposite to each other generates the upward and downward lift force respectively as the flow of air or fluid passes over them. The net effect of generated lift forces will tend to rotate the flywheel in CCW direction. As the flywheel rotates it removes the fluctuation in output energy cycle. The output mechanical energy from flywheel shaft can be used to rotate the electric generators or machines.


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