Closed Marine Energy Battery Technology

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The Closed Marine Energy Battery Technology or CMEBT is a technology which can provide the energy for humans for a period of more than a century from now. This technology produces no harmful end products. The main parameters which are to be followed are:
1. Selection of a coastal line or area
2. The area is to be far from human settlements
3. Biodiversity needs to be at a minimum preferably contaminated sites

The excavation of sand is to be done using good machinery. Before that, a guard wall needs to be constructed at least a hundred meter away from the coastal line. The digs should be made to a depth of 300 to 500 meters. There is a need to have a safe gap to protect the machinery during huge tides and from large fishes and so on. The turbine battery needs to be fitted at least 50 -100 meters below and inside the digs and some more turbines on the base of the digs. Safe shaft is built adjoining the turbine battery to allow the personnel for maintenance of CMEBT. After the energy harvested, the effluent is sent back to ocean via elevated ducts.

The main advantages of this technology are:
1. It helps to extract huge amount of energy the nature would provide throughout the year.
2. It is an eco-friendly design and hence the damage to the nature is at minimum
3. The energy effluent can be used for extraction of salt, minerals and any other associated marine products.
4. There are many uses with this technology once installed.
5. There will be no production of green house gases
6. No storage issues
7. The water which comes as an effluent can be treated and a possibility to use in agriculture exists.


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