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Today the world's population continues to grow, so does the amount of garbage that people produce. Today's fast lifestyle requires easily disposable products as soda cans or bottles of water etc. The accumulation of these products has led to increased plastic pollution around the world. Plastic is composed of major toxic products has the potential to cause a great harm to the environment in the form of air & land pollution. Some plastics are manufactured from recycled material but their use in engineering tends to be limited because the consistency of formulate & their physical properties tend to be less consistent.

1928,10,97,05,389 number of plastic bags are produced worldwide every year.
We use 5 trillion plastics per year that's 16000 a second & over 700 a year for every single person on the planet. We can do better than that.
81,75,48,489 tons of waste is dumped in oceans every year.
Most plastic bags are simply thrown out less than one percent are recycled.

Our research is about reducing these harmful effects on environment occurred due to dumping of plastic garbage in soil or burning of plastic in open atmosphere.

In our dustbin heating of plastic garbage is done by using solar energy & plastic is reused.

The top of dustbin is made up of concentrating glass in order to collect the solar rays at one point & then heating of plastic.The heating of plastic converts the plastic in liquid form & then this liquid plastic is poured in molds & then plastic cubes & balls are made which are then used in many industrial applications.

In order to reduce the amount of pollution made by gasses formed while heating of plastic is eliminated by use of Gas Separator by use of Gas Separator gasses are separated & then these gasses having different densities are collected in different cylinders using different pipes.

Finally our project is about reusing the plastic by heating & molding as well as to reduce the pollution.

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