Sustainable Packaging of Water Bottles Instead of the Common Plastic Shrink Wrap

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For decades the water bottles have been packaged with plastic shrink wrap all around the world. This entry introduces an innovative sustainable idea to substitute this unsustainable amount of plastic with recycled paper.

The following parameters were considered crucial:
1. Usage of a paper along its life cycle instead of plastic mass (less production energy consumption, minimum disposal, and optimizations benefits due to recycling ability.
2. Less or equal "time", "cost", and "energy consumption" during the paper life cycle and on while water manufacturing line (financial cost, time consumption on production line, manufacturing expenses, and cheaper life cycle)
3. Physically strong in order to sustain against mechanical load; the weight (~9kg), transportation shocks and stacking capability.
4. Easy to apply. "Simplicity" is a key in mass production. Hence, any fanciness is avoided in the solution in order to provide an easy assembly for the labor.

The idea is inspired by the common string texture; for instance, numerous narrow metal strings can sustain a cable car system if weaved well. Moreover, it is possible to have strong textiles through tiny lines of cloth if manufactured well. Therefore, it is possible to utilize paper rings produce a comprehensive packaging system for water bottles. However, to keep everything simple for the industrial manufacturers, unlike the clothes only 4 pieces of paper are used.

The procedures are:
a, four long enough papers are cut (possible in the same factory). each one is supposed to cover around two bottles.
b, the two ends of each paper are glued to make tangled rings. However, it is done to make the rings into each other like 4 chain pieces.
c, 6 bottles are placed in a 2*3 matrix while the pairs of rings are orthogonally around the appropriate pair of bottles. the two central bottles are connected to two rings while the 4 other ones only to one ring.

Afterward, I made an experiment of the idea with the paper and check if paper works well in practice.

The attachments illustrate the applied mechanism visually. In addition, this link provides animations and a test in the street:


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