Gyro-Watt: Vertical Wind Energy Configuration for Low Velocity Regime

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Many wind turbine gearboxes suffer from overload problem and frequent maintenance and the inability to start at low velocity wind speed condition (called as cut-in), in particular due to the inertial due to structural significance. The amplification of the wind generation depends on the use of mechanical gears and gearboxes for speed change once again in influences the frequency as constant speed derived from the turbine is yet another challenge. An emerging alternative to gearing system is the application of a magnetic gear as it offers significant pros such as reduced noise and vibration, free from maintenance, and inherent overload protection. High-speed electric generators are often used in many operating wind turbines; thus, the relatively low rotational speed of the rotor blades has to be stepped up to accommodate the needs of the generator.

The proposed idea is inspired by the motion of a fidget spinner and its reverse applications in energy generation. Triangle formulations of three small motor driven unit (at initial point to start the motion) displaced in 120 degrees apart mounts the wind blades. The outer surface of the motors is magnetically coupled with that of the central revolving machine that magnifies the value and the wind power generation is achieved. The advantage of such structural is that the initial inertia of the turbine is reduced due to the reduction in the weight of the structure. The presence of the three blade structure driven by the motors will aid the motion to be continuous so that the generator keeps producing voltage. The constant speed of motion can be achieved if an embedded processor with some control is feasible making it to produce constant frequency of sine waveform and thereby the frequency of the system. To enhance the power generating capability, a dual rotor structure is added as a dual speed system with two magnetic structure that encompasses (causes) the power generating capability. The use of dual magnetic circuit generators (Figure 1(b)) enhances the increase in the power density of the generators. This result to more efficient and improved performance of the wind turbine system as a whole. The benefits of this type of technology in wind turbine is cost savings per unit output power generated to the investments as it is a continuously power generating unit, improved efficiency, high power output with less required maintenance due to absence of mechanical gear systems.


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