Solar Energy for Multi Use

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Solar energy project have instant use of solar energy during day period but it is difficult to use full energy conversation to sufficient work. So , I design solar collector for convey solar rays to kitchen or energy needed area.

You see in picture one parabolic ray collector and one pipe is display with thermal simulation.
Working idea is to concentrate sun rays on pipe inside and lead it into work place {where energy need} and use where you need like I design oven type which also attach here is use for make food at 120 degree at 1.8 m^2 area of collector.I also design it for 2 axis control {design picture not added} it is highly efficient to gain 160 degree temperature at no cloud environment.

This project use periscope reflection principle .

You see the prototype photo at below attachment.

For multi use of product.

1> cook food and when no need to cook use for hot water via small heat exchanger.It also use for working sterling engine vie heating of solar energy.

2>it more use full at picnic where no comes contact with sun and cook food in tent .

3> total estimation cost in india for this product is 2500 rupees=45 us dollar.{max}

4>at basement lavel parking or basement of home where low sun light is achieve this product is also helpfull.

5>for ventilation problem at basement it also usefull when one ventilation fan provide in pipe.
So this properties make my project eco friendly and free energy use.


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    Dax Patel
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    In Covid-19 world suffer from a different variant of spreads through various mediums like touch, sneezing in public, handshakes, touching other's things, common surfaces at home and offices, etc.
    I want to make something small which easy to carry for people and use anywhere they want.
    This small Torch help to disinfect those surfaces and keep them virus and bacteria-free.
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    fusion 360 and solidworks
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