Automatic Glass Cleaning Machine

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At present there are large number of high rise buildings in modern cities. The glass windows in these modern architectures require constant cleaning which is presently carried out using a gondola system, hanging from the building wall.Glass cleaning of high rise buildings is becoming one of the most demanding field for automation because of high level of difficulty faced by the workers and presence of their safety risk.

The development of my project offers a novel alternative solution to the above mentioned problem by providing and developing an intelligent unmanned cleaning system which can be used on different buildings.

The "Automatic Glass Cleaning Machine" is an unmanned semi automatic machine used for cleaning the entire exterior surface of the building's glass walls or windows, with the use of a squeegee supported with a water sprayer. Using the combination of water and mechanical action of the squeegee, the dirt is loosened from the surface and allowed to air dry naturally leaving a spot free glass surface.

This system embodied a pair of rods capable of translatory motion, driven by a motor. The horizontal and vertical movement of sponge is based on lead screw mechanism. The system consists of three DC motors for the vertical and horizontal movement of sponge. A sprayer filled with soap water is attached to the system.

2 of the DC motors are used to run the vertical lead screws and one is to control the horizontal movement of the lead screw. All the 3 motors are in-turn connected to a DC motor drive,whose purpose is to control the speed of the motor.The DC drive will be connected to the main micro controller, which control the whole operation wireless. Further the micro-controller is connected to the switch to turn it on/off. And the whole setup is connected to a 12 volts power supply battery which has a current of 1.08 Amperes.

CATIA V5 software is used to develop the deign and simulation.

Coming to the market potential of this mechanism, with over construction of numerous malls, luxury hotels and office spaces all over the world will be almost doubled within 5 years. Thus the demand for industrial cleaning equipment's is expected to grow exponentially.

Future scope- In future the same mechanism can be further modified by adding the irreplaceable solar cells for cleaning purpose in sunny areas, which will generate the power without being connected with an external supply. Also this mechanism can be modified by adding a dryer next to the spray for quick drying of glasses. And last but not the least, the same type f equipment can also be used for painting of the high rise buildings.


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    To ensure the safety of the people who clean the windows of high rise buildings manually.
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