Small Berries Selector

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Although agriculture is being developed and nowadays there is already equipment on the market to help agricultural production, there are still many limitations on the production of small berries such as blueberry and goji berries where everything is being done manually.

The harvesting of these small fruits is done manually and the separation by size is still carried out manually by the agricultural operator, as to be commercialized there are several rules already in place that determine the cost depending on the size.

Our idea is to develop equipment that allows the separation of berries by gauge at harvesting place to support the production and help the commercial side of this business.

The mechanism consists on a system of meshes or sieves, with different dimensions for selection to be carried out by berry size. When harvested the berries should be placed at the system and with vibratory movement that we intend to be powered by solar energy, the separation should be done by size.


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    Sandra Matos
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    Leonardo Gonçalves; Bruno Nascimento; Emanuel Carvalho
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