Natural and Greener Sorbents in Oilspill Removal in Ocean

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The major problem nowadays faced by the countries is oil spill in the ocean through by which oil is transported which leads to loss in biodiversity of marine species as well as for humans. This Research project we developed the prototype of the boom and device for Oil Spill removal using the use of Natural Adsorbents on the Sorbent Boom. In the Existing work, the use NATURAL ADSORBENTS is very rare. why? Because the current cleanup technologies used like manual cleanup, insitu burning have safety concerns, expensive to operate aswell as not greener one.Already recent research were done on Sorbents. THEN WHAT IS THE INNOVATION.? WE INNOVATED by testing the natural Sorbents, greener one and easily available of cheaper cost. we conducted batch experiments individually for three Natural Adsorbents like Coconut Coir, RiceHusk and Saw Dust and compared the Adsorption capacity. The Adsorption capacity of the Saw dust seems to be the highest among all the three. So we mixed in the proportion of 3:2:1 o SAWDUST,COCONUT COIR AND RICE HUSK together to form Sorbent Boom which is of LOW COST. Adsorbents. Also the Mechanical device is designed and fabricated for reusing the boom. This mechanical device is used for finding the regeneration cycles and fibercoefficient loss. The results shows that it can be reused 3 times which is of greater advantage. WHY SORBENTS IN MARKET? Because of low cost, easily available, natural and greener one as well as reusable.


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