Zero-waste Zero-carbon Business-model (ZW-ZC-BM)

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[A Quadruple Impact Development (QID) paradigm that simultaneously answers the twin-problems of Global Warming and Poverty (GWP)]

THE PROBLEM: Global Warming and Poverty (GWP) are corollary in that both are simultaneously increasing due to the same basic cause: Wastage and Over consumption by the minority who control almost all human resources and governance. The disparity is such that about 15% of the population enjoy 85% of world GDP; and the balance 85% are able to enjoy just 15%. Further as this disparity is continually increasing due to the “richer” class wanting to overs end and waste indiscriminately, offsetting what could otherwise be made available to the majority poor. ZW-ZC-BM has the Objective of solving the twin problem of GWP.

THE CONCEPT & DESIGN: The basic principle is that Renewable Resources (= RR – vegetation, animal matter, rainwater, sunlight, wind and soil), in conjunction with a combination Industrial wastes and locally available usable Inorganic materials, without creating environmental degradation, would be judiciously converted into: Processed Foods; Alternate Energy; Alternate Engineering materials; Alternate Petrochemicals; Bio-Fertilizer; Bio-water. All RR materials would be regenerated, through Self Regenerated Recycling (SRR) processes. Huge mass-production would give way to Modular systems of manufacture, dispersed all over the nation. India has over 650,000 villages/ tribal settlements/ fisher-folk settlements and shifting population groups – a total population of over 950 million people.. Currently these population groups do not have minimum decent living standards (including Power, water, sanitary needs, Information systems, Transportation systems etc) and by having over 750,000 Modules of ZW-ZC-BM in all of these places and near about, both Livelihood problems and wealth creation woukd be possible through Clean Technology/ Clean development Mechanism (CDM). Each Module would offer direct and full employment to not less than 300 Local people, irrespective of their current training/education levels.

INNOVATION/NOVELTY: Hitherto all systems of technology have been attempts to solve GWP through circumventing natural systems to somehow operate in such a way that gulping of energy and materials for living are not reduced. Instead, almost all mechanisms increase both energy consumptions and materials exploitation – which would definitely create more problems in the years ahead – yet to be understood … all complicating things in a cascading effect. ZW-ZC-BM, opn the other hand, works aligned to nature, utilizing ALL available RR to be converted into the various NEEDS of local residents, as well as creating sufficient materials for trading elsewhere, without unduly impacting the environment, in a cyclic process (Please see Illustration-I and Illustration-II). As yet no such commercially readied operational systems have been designed and made fully operational. Hence, this would be a FIRST in this line of Clean-technology for simultaneously answering the twin-problems of GWP.

CONCLUSION: The processes involved in ZW-ZC-BM have the following advantages:

1. First of its kind
2. The Modules have markets in whole of India and all over the tropics
3. Products produced have local and international markets
4. Bolstering Economy through High Productivity/Efficiency
5. Cascading Industrial/Innovative developments potential


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    Global Warming and Poverty are corollary to one another. The answer to these twin problems would have to be attempted simultaneously. This can be best achieved by a system whereby the community work inside an environment that takes advantage of Locally available Renewable Resources (RR) and utilizes the brain power of local human resources to become self-contented social group. The system would convert the RR and other available resources into: Processed Foods, Alternate Engineered products, Alternate Bio-Petrochemicals, Bio-Water etc, so that Global Warming is countered. Additionally, as local people would have locally available Jobs, shifting population would be offset, reducing, in shot, Global warming and Poverty (GWP)
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