Urban Technology for People and Cargo

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First and Last miles “Joining Airports with City Centers.”

Evaluated as suitable by the Ports Council, Awarded the Sustainable FLORIDA 2015 as a Green Building Finalist! We at Sky Train Corporation (STC) offer a system which combines green transit with alternative energy. A wider vehicle that can supply more than subway capacity, with shorter boarding platforms, at double limiting speed, and comfort, and that offers an automated secure luggage handling option.

The mostly elevated beam structure, combined with state-of-the-art energy handling, greatly improves land use, that [entirely eliminates] rail crossing fatalities, and reduces energy consumption by up to 90%. A “Smart City” equipment location would eliminate reinspection of secure luggage, excess travel time between locations, and parking needs. This will allow for more comfortable and flexible touring for the visitors.

This is in total, a very reliable, modified rail system, for people viewing and securing luggage, and would be less costly to build and operate. Also as an Icon and a Next Generation competitive tourism advantage boasting hydrogen fueling! Our associate manufacturer has already exported these successfully.

The project was funded by the Technological Research and Development Authority and DOE; with joint research by USF, UCF’s Florida Solar Energy Center, etc. (see http://www.skytraincorp.com/testimonials.htm ). It is FLEXIBLE as to power by being able to use solar, fuel cell, battery and recycled energy stored in STC’s energy-accumulator storage and transfer system http://www.skytraincorp.com/et_micro_grid.htm Extra energy generated by this system may also be resold to end users.

The elevated beam structure mitigates operations during flood conditions, earthquakes, snow, ice, and sand, thus assuring continuing service to isolated areas. We have the team and associates to implement designs to modify existing competitive rail manufacturers products. Our team of associates has been contributing information for over a combined 200/years of their time!

While this is a modified existing “Automated Rail”, we show a mathematic comparison which compares STC’s Vertically Articulated Suspended Transportation (VAST) to the standard bottom supported maximum speed as to ratios of track vertical forces. This demonstrates permanent long-time savings on track, wheel, and switch wear.

This also puts us in the “New Emerging Technology” as “Improvements” over both rail and monorail systems. The suggested Automated load and unload car feature will further improve “Safety, Security and new procedures as a Standard.” Group travelers will leave luggage to be moved to their destination, able to freely enjoy travel, to expand their budgets in a move leisurely way.



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    Karl Guenther
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    Karl Guenther Chairman & CEO Cliff Bragdon PHD Douglas Tobin PE, RA Murthy Bondada PhD, PE, F.ASCE Jan Zicha PE Ove Johnsson MSE Tad Winiecki
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    We currently use AutoCAD & BobCAD design software. We have been working with universities, specically with The University of Central Florida's Florida Solar Energy Center and utilizing data logger and other instrumentation for analysis.
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    Transit system & energy R&D
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    I have a personal joy and commitment to improving options for public transportation, reducing carbon fuel usage and creating efficient electric transit systems. Also, to developing renewable energy technologies to provide advanced storage and transfer capabilities. Technology sharing with universities, like USF, UCF/FSEC, FIT & IIT and partner companies continuously spurs creative new ideas. For more information see Websites and www.SkyTrainCorp.com
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    Auto Cad, Bob Cad
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