Replacing Wheels From Landing Gear of Aircraft with Caterpillar Tracks

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2 years ago, A turkish airliner airbus A330 skidded off the runway in Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. On board 224 passengers were unharmed except from some minor bruises . The airbus slipped off the runway and ran into the grass field next to the runway. The continuous drizzling rain and the wet runway covered with fog were responsible for the landing gears to skid off the runways.

Since the traditional landing gears have very little contact surface dur to the spherical shape, there is an unequal distribution of weights in different tires causing an imbalance & disturbance while take off & landing. The friction required for braking is very low as and uses huge energy for braking as well. Also, th e traditional landing gears may create problem is rough or damaged ,snowy,wet runways & therez always a high chances of a big mishap costing life & wealth.

So, I propose a caterpillar track landing gear sysytem instead of wheels. Tracks are generally used in tanks, excavators & many heavy equipments. They can generate more friction so as to comfortably slow down the aircraft on the ground. Also, the weight of aircraft would be uniquely distributed in a track landing gear system than a wheel system & due to increased friction & well distributed weight, aircrafts will have fewer chance to skid off wet, snowy & even damaged runways. There may be some setbacks for tracks but they can be upgraded for optimizing its performance to the best.


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