LimpiAgua: Device for Treating Water by Photocatalysis

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The most common contaminants of water are organic compounds, bacteria and protozoa that pose a great risk to human health. However, the existence of recalcitrant pollutants prevents effective treatment by conventional methods. A novel environmentally friendly alternative for the elimination of recalcitrant pollutants is the advanced oxidation processes, such as photocatalysis (TiO2).

LimpiAgua is a device that is used to treat water, based on TiO2 photocatalysis. This device is very useful in developing countries where many people do not have access to drinking water and therefore children and the elderly tend to be constantly sick and in rural areas. Treating the waters Residual and the reuse power that makes cleaners contribute to a more sustainable world and have a better rationalization of water resources that in many places may be limited.

The cost of production of LimpiAgua is cheap and that the materials used for its very cheap construction child: in the case of TiO2 it is easy to find in large quantities an affordable price for anyone and its low level of toxicity and the possibility of Reuse It makes this chemical compound perfect for treating water, the ultraviolet light necessary to activate this catalyst is obtained from solar energy, micro filtration membrane is easy to find anywhere. This entire module is covered by aluminum or polystyrene material.

Devices with this type of technology still do not exist in the market. Currently on the market one can find filters using a conventional technology for water purification at a very cheap price but its efficiency is very low. On the other hand you can find more sophisticated filters. But its price is too high that families living in poverty or extreme poverty child unable to buy it. Nevertheless; Water is essential for life, it helps us to be healthy, keep our muscles in shape so it is important to consume clean and adequate water.

LimpiAgua is a potential solution for people who lack water in the world, with this project is an ecological and economic approach to solve the two problems to help improve the quality of life of many people. This device is cheap and easy to use, in addition it is completely sustainable and it only needs titanium oxide and solar energy to work.


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