"Green Glass" Repurposed Glass Bottles

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The current invention concerns recycling. The concept is simple. Take an item out of the garbage and turn it into something useful- something people will eat from. This is accomplished by cutting a glass bottle in two. By cutting a bottle in two you create a drinking glass (or a caddy) and a funnel. There is nothing novel about cutting a bottle in two. It is more problematic as glass is a brittle material that is difficult to work with. The material can be cut by diamond grinding, - using a form cut off wheel on a lathe ( employing the concept of diminishing progressive cutting utilized in my previous patent #5,516,242). Additionally,the glass may be faced with the formed wheel, and it can be used to leave a chamfer on the part. Other possibilities for cutting the glass may be laser cutting or water jetting.

If there is a novel feature of the invention it is in the accessories to be used with the cut bottle. A turned or molded plastic part, preferably acrylic, with an oversize base and an o-ring turns the funnel portion of the bottle into a wine glass or a flower vase. Without this piece it is useless as a glass. The base piece may instead use a recycled cork that is fitted into a tapered hole in the plastic piece. The cork may be covered with a silicone or latex "condom".

Another plastic piece contains a washer or an o-ring to effect a seal and create a cover so that the mug portion of the bottle can be turned int a container to store either beverage or food.

A machined or die cast metal ring can convert a base segment into an ash tray.

The benefits to the environment are numerous: conservation of material, reduced energy consumption , and a cleaner environment. There are perhaps even greater benefits to the user as well. Glass is an inert material that will not react with food that is stored or heated in it. Unlike metal or plastic. In addition, the hard non-porous surface means the glass can be cleaned immaculately. It can tolerate aggressive or extreme cleaning methods. You could literally use the bottle neck portion of the bottle as a funnel, to add oil, or antifreeze, etc to your car,-clean it, and then use it to have a glass of wine! The invention is healthy for both the individual and the environment. Because of the psychological effect, drinks actually taste better knowing your saving the planet.

Additionally, as a marketing novelty the glass may be laser inscribed with the owners name over (RANDY)" IS SAVING THE PLANET". Other phrases may be " I DON'T HAVE TO FEEL GUILTY ABOUT BREATHING ANYMORE" and "WHO WILL SAVE THE PLANET WHEN MAN IS GONE????"

If it turns out that people would actually be willing to pay for this Eco-friendly product, then a patent will be filed on the accessories within the 1 year deadline.


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