Energy Transmission - Wireless Technology

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Energy transmission without any cord in between to the appliances.

Electricity is transmitted via electromagnetic methods in certain limits. For equipments used in a room, for example in a kitchen or a barber shop etc. which people are living in it's better to use a softer means.

I use in my project the sound frequencies to transmit the power to the equipment being used in hand. There is a transmitter on the wall up, sound is transmitted, a sonic receiver in the instrument receives and changes it to current for the instrument to work.

You can easily use your shaving machine which has no cord or battery in it directly powered from the transmitter as in the room. Very simple method.

For household appliances it is very practical for workshops as well.

The client will position the transmitter on the wall by itself and use modified instruments with special receivers.


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    Mehmet Ayber Gurler
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    truck engine noise causes window glass to vibrate
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