Box-less, Omnidirectional and Full-Range Speaker

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The US patent #7860265, Planot® acoustic transducer diaphragm, redefines the way sound is produced. Smaller, cheaper, better.

The most common electromechanical device in the world is the speaker.

I have reinvented and vastly improved it.
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The Planot diaphragm pivots back and forth along its long axis. It’s long faces, engage air to create the closest analogue of a pulsating sphere; verified independently in an anechoic chamber.

A typical Planot diaphragm would have a square or triangular cross-section.

Traditional acoustic transducers (TAT’s) require boxes to isolate back wave from the front wave. Planot needs no box. This is a significant advancement (and an opportunity for research). Boxes increase size, weight, cost and create distortion. TAT’s boxes account for about 85% of loudspeaker costs and are the heaviest component.

TAT’s diaphragms have flexible supports structures, the surround and spider, that unfortunately move nonlinearly; they have two functions: hold the diaphragm in place and “homing” the diaphragm to its “rest position.”

The Planot motor utilizes a system of magnets, for homing. Planot is supported at its pivot points, by bearings; maintaining perfect linearity of diaphragm and motor components.

Planot diaphragm’s 3D structure moves linearly. TAT’s membrane diaphragms, “flex” adding distortion.

Planot supports different motor technologies. Potor™ is my pivoting, dual voice coil motor.

Most TAT’s, broadcast sound in a “cone shaped area, narrowing at higher frequencies.” Planot is omnidirectional and full-range. This eliminates TAT’s, stereo from one spot; minimizes room interaction.

TAT’s sound is “a point source.” Planot produces planar waves. Planot sound pressure level (SPL) decreases with doubling of distance only by -3 dB verses TAT’s -6 dB.

• Planot can operate full-range eliminating crossovers; seamless sound.

• Planot can be used multi-way for greater loudness/dynamic range.

• Planot full-range configuration has no phase distortion.

• Planot full-range with omnidirectional creates a true 3D image.

Planot speakers are scalable and since they don’t have boxes they fit where others don’t.

• Cellphones: long narrow size plus no box equals big sound in small spaces.

• Omnidirectional public address speakers.

• Home entertainment: true3D immersive sound from two speakers.

• Automobiles and airplanes saving space and weight.

• Headphones having less distortion.

• Microphones having less distortion and are omnidirectional.

• Auditorium installation provides vivid sound with 3D imaging: unobtrusiveness and lower cost. No boxes.

• Portable personal speakers that everyone can hear.

Old technologies are supplanted by new technologies. New manufacturing processes are often required but not for Planot. Replacement technologies that create significant improvements for consumers creates new business opportunities. The loudspeaker business is ripe for revolutionary new products; the tech in this space has been stagnant for decades. Planot is looking for licensing partnerships, especially in the crowdfunding space.


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