Brief description of solution:
Safety Electronic Protection Glasses (eyes protection) only worn to order another device wirelessly when operating dangerous cutter & drilling devices (like cutter and trimmer trees devices or a welder or holder devices) to protect the worker otherwise the dangerous device will not work.

Benefit for the user:
• Force users of devices dangerous or acute to wear Safety Protection glasses to preservation and safety of their Eyes (compulsory)
• Will increase the degree of security and safety and security will be electronically controlled process which will lead to increase the security of quality and safety of individuals

Target groups:
• The worker users a (dangerous consequences) like (cut and trimmed trees device or a ...

Trying to test concentration of oil in gas (gasoline) in my handheld leaf blower, I couldn't find any shop in my province who was able to do that. Further research on the Internet gave poor chance of my success of finding a place that can tell concentration of mixture with high accuracy and the decision was made to develop oil/gas ratio analyzer.

How it works:
Device is used to determine concentration of 2-stroke oil concentration in gas by measuring absorbance of particular wavelength of light by oil/gas solution. Suitable for determining if 2 stroke oil is present in fuel mixture especially after the engine failure.

For handheld equipment users:
2-stroke handheld equipment rely on using correct amount of ...

NASA Langley Research Center has developed a test station capable of in-situ testing of material deposition and layer adhesion in an extrusion additive manufacturing process. The technology addresses the problem of monitoring part quality during the 3D printing process. It includes methods that can be readily integrated into an extrusion apparatus to provide in-situ feedback for closed-loop processing in that apparatus. The novelty is that testing happens in situ as the component is being built. Testing during the building process allows users to adjust the print parameters to control the quality of the fabricated part.


* Enables monitoring of material deposition and adhesion in a 3D printer as parts are being fabricated Improves part quality and manufacturing reliability

Current autonomous systems planned for introduction into public and private transportation rely on the system itself obtaining all the information on its surrounding environment through its own internal sensors and control sub-systems. To minimize external sensor infrastructure cost and maintenance requirements or use of active communications with autonomous systems, development has typically been focused primarily on improving the user interactions, safety and the overall quality of the autonomous system and its internal sub-systems themselves. An RFID/Bluetooth/Wireless sensor package that is installed onto any of the millions of already existing motor vehicles can help fill the hole left by a lack of supporting sensor infrastructure and provide added data for any autonomous or even semi-autonomous motor vehicle to utilize in ...

NASA's Langley Research Center has developed a new adhesively bonded joint concept for curved and flat panel sandwich architectures. A woven preform, inserted into the seam between sandwich panels, provides a larger total bonding area and multiple load paths for an improved distribution of load through the joint. NASA is able to create structures by joining sections of sandwich panels or curved shells. The new joint provides more durable load transfer and redundant load paths compared to current state-of-the-art adhesively bonded strap joints.


•Increased safety factor: reduced stress concentration on the joint
•Dual bond line for mitigation of manufacturing defects: redundant load path allows load redistribution in the case of partial joint failure
•Improved mass-efficient load transfer capability that can be tailored ...

By 2050 it is estimated that 68% of the world's population will live in cities. This will cause even more traffic in cities, a big problem especially in those cities that already have huge traffic problems with no infrastructure to fix these issues. New creative methods will be needed to solve the traffic dilemma. One solution that would not involve adding much infrastructure would be utilizing a third dimension. A vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) tail sitter aircraft would make use of this third dimension and create an upward outlet for some of this traffic. Eventually, the commute in to work from the suburbs, will not only be more exciting, it will also be much faster.

Our VTOL aircraft will ...

This is an updated version of the entry to create the future design contest 2017. This design of increased efficiency has plane A and B in the form of solid rods as in image 1 inclined at 45 degrees and fixed to both the outer diameter of spring SP. Equal weights W1 and W2 suspend from threads TH42 and TH43 of equal lengths parallel to direction of gravity. They are interconnected by thread TH41 perpendicular to the direction of gravity and capable of sliding on plane A and B by knots k1 and k2 as in image 1. As spring SP compresses perpendicular to the direction of gravity due to the horizontal component of weights W1 and W2 tension ...

We know that tropical cyclone are created from warming of a large area of ocean and for this reason, moist air over the ocean rises upward from near the surface. Because this air moves up and away from the surface (this is called low air pressure), air from surrounding areas with high pressure becomes, and warm and moist and rises too.

I think that, if we can do down the temperature of low pressure area (at center/eye of low pressure) as soon as and if the procedure is possible among the low air pressure center so that ,rate of evaporation is same of surrounding area and flow of cold air is stop from surrounding area of low pressure , ...

The original mount of the test-vehicle engine is Passive Hydraulic Mount, see Figure 1.(a). The friction damper was added to the original mount in parallell. The modified mount system is a different size than the original one with an additional weight of 200 g. Figure 1(b) shows the friction damper unit of the mount. The electromagnetic actuator creates the normal force for the friction contact, consists of a toroidal iron core, which is divided into two halves by two air gaps. The friction contact consists of two ordinary friction pads from industrial brakes which are pressed against a moving friction rod by the actuator. In the engine mount the friction rod is connected to the engine bracket ...

The problem of controlling quality of motor oils in the course of their development, production and operation in cars is actual. We propose using a few drops of oil and surface plasmon resonance refractometer “Plasmon-71” (developed in Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor Physics, NAS of Ukraine) to determine the degree of oil contamination and make a decision to replace it (Fig.1, 2). The measurements take only 5 minutes, method is very easy, fast and sensitive! Such measurements can be carried out consecutively throughout the year and make a decision to replace the oil with its significant contamination. The developed technique allows to investigate perspective compositions of motor oils, as well as wear of motor ...

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