ABHAY QUADCOPTER ( Gun Mounted Quadcopter)

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Human life is most precious as resurrection is still impossible. Of course we don’t have enough guts to take risks with our life. This is the main reason for which man has gone through the quest of some alternative go. Finally the result is unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) which can do the complex works of man in a simple way without any major risk. The UAV is a type of aircraft which has no on-board crew or passengers. A UAV differs from a cruise missile, in that a UAV is recovered after its mission while a cruise missile impacts its target. While speaking about UAVs we always think about a quadcopter. They can fly anywhere and transmit the information from the respective areas to their master and thus makes us to take a deep breath through its unique technical advantages.

Quadcopter, also known as quadrotor, is a helicopter with four rotors. The rotors are directed upwards and they are placed in a square formation with equal distance from the centre of mass of the quadcopter. The quadcopter is controlled by adjusting the angular velocities of the rotors which are spun by electric motors. Quadcopter is a typical design for small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) because of the simple structure. Quadcopters are used in surveillance, search and rescue, construction inspections and several other applications.

The rescue missions during disasters and war periods have been really under a great risk because of the lack of earlier knowledge about the upcoming hazard. During disasters the main problem is that we can’t reach the specific area at exact time, Due to the vulnerability we have lost a lot of people.

Soldiers are backbone of the country. But several soldiers are died in terrorist attack and war time. For example Pakistan terrorists attacked Indian soldiers in Kashmir. In this attack several Indian soldiers died. My project aims to save soldiers' lives. Its name is “Abhay” (gun equipped quadcopter). Abhay quadcopter has no on-board crew or passenger. Abhay quadcopter is a remote controlled quadcopter robot, its built-in wireless video camera and built-in gun. The built-in wireless video camera is transmitting live video to the ground station. In war time or terrorist attack situations, soldiers stay in safe place and then operate the Abhay quadcopter to destroy the enemies by using the built-in gun without risk.

Research and development of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and micro aerial vehicle (MAV) are getting high encouragement nowadays, since the application of UAV and MAV can apply to variety of area such as rescue mission, military, film making, agriculture and others.

1. Abhay quadcopter is very useful in military and defence.
2. Abhay quadcopter used in rescue operations.
3. Abhay quadcopter is saved soldier life.
4. Able to reach areas those are difficult for human to reach.


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