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NASA's Langley Research Center has developed a new adhesively bonded joint concept for curved and flat panel sandwich architectures. A woven preform, inserted into the seam between sandwich panels, provides a larger total bonding area and multiple load paths for an improved distribution of load through the joint.

By 2050 it is estimated that 68% of the world's population will live in cities. This will cause even more traffic in cities, a big problem especially in those cities that already have huge traffic problems with no infrastructure to fix these issues.

Human life is most precious as resurrection is still impossible. Of course we don’t have enough guts to take risks with our life. This is the main reason for which man has gone through the quest of some alternative go.

ARVA represents a new aircraft concept with a configuration that is safe, quiet and efficient as well as easy to control, high compact and which is able to accomplish vertical takeoff and landing with transition to and from forward flight. The new ARVA concept uses a revolutionary design,

In general prototype models of aerospace vehicle, aircraft or high speed wing bodies (even in automobiles), objects are tested in a wind tunnel test facility to get theoretical data to design the object at optimum solutions.

Drop bags are for low-level airdrops beneath radar. These are a combination of safety bag and gas propelled retro rockets. Use is primarily for clandestine missions and as safety bags for rotary wing aircraft where parachutes cannot be operated.

The airbags are made from a very durable,

I want to reduce airplane loss of control accidents. Some of these accidents happen because the flyer's imagination does not match reality. Since the air is invisible, our imaginations could be wrong or confused.

I have seen air made visible by very sparse, oversize and buoyant snowflakes.

Deep stall recovery system
Aircraft stall can cause catastrophic damage to the aircraft and passengers. Using the standard procedure of stall recovery, aircraft can be recovered from the stall.

NASA's Langley Research Center has developed an inexpensive, long endurance vertical takeoff and landing UAV. It is capable of flying for 24 hours, landing in a 50 x 50 zone, and can be loaded into the back of a cargo van for easy transport. In addition,

This is a new design that takes advantage and merges two very well-known designs.

Airfoil wings make lift by changing the direction and pressure of the air that crashes into them as they move through the sky. The spinning cylinder wing design, using the magnus effect,

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