Modular Space Tether

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A tether having a fully modular design and employing modular components can be transported piecemeal into space and assembled in situ. The modular components are interchangeable with one another. In a preferred embodiment, the modular components are designed to facilitate robotic assembly in situ for constructing the entire tether while in orbit. In addition to solving the initial transport problem, the fully modular design also enables the replacement and removal of individual components, in situ, in the event of component damage or wear, and the reconfiguration of components, in situ, in the event a tether redesign or upgrade are desired. In a preferred embodiment, the replacement, removal, and reconfiguration are achieved robotically. Additionally, the interchangeability of components facilitates the storage of redundant components and/or the cannibalization of assembled components, as needed. All while the modular tether continues to perform its function of joining two or more objects by the application of centripetal force.


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    Chris Malek
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    1) Divine Intervention.
    2) Low cost, easy access to space.
    3) The Human Brain, if lost, may never evolve again.
    So let's move the goal post.
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