Hover Xplorer 1

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The (Hover Xplorer-1) VTOL Design Has Been Upgraded By Utilizing A New Form Of "Centrifugal Inertial Propulsion System" Which Will Eliminate All Flight Mode Wind Turbulence Including Air Dust And Water Turbulence During Take Off & Landing.

The (HX-1) <<>> (Hover Xplorer-1) Is An Aerodynamic VTOL Vehicle Design Using A Series Of Coordinated (Centrifugal Inertial Propulsion System) & (Air-Guided Canard-Wings Maneuvering System) Controlled By Environmentally Friendly Electric Permanent Magnet Motors That Will Allow The (HX-1) VTOL Vehicle Design To Hover And Fly At A Top Speed Of (87 MPH) Over Any Water Surface, Land Terrain And Man-Made Surface Obstacles.

Some Of The Potential Usage For The (HX-1) VTOL Vehicle Design Includes: Search & Rescue, Emergency Evacuation, Recreational, Exploration, Competitive Racing, Cargo Transportation And Film Industries.

The (Hover Xplorer-1) VTOL Flying Submersible Drone Design Can Also Be Implemented For Search & Recue Missions As Well As For Submersible Underwater Exploration Which Makes The (HX-1) VTOL Flying Submersible Drone Design,...The First Of It's Kind In The World.

We Must Move Forward To Implement New Electric Powered VTOL Search & Rescue And Personal Air Transportation Technology Such As The (Hover Xplorer-1) VTOL Design To Fly & Hover In Mid Air Then Land On Any Ground Or Water Surface For Multiple Applications Which Will Revolutionize The VTOL Air Transportation Industry Around The World,......The Ultimate New Generation Flying Vehicle. <<*>>


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