Shape-changing Dirigible

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My idea is to help facilitate a hydrogen society with the use of H2 as a non-polluting fuel for use as a lifting gas and for the propulsion of said vehicles. Unlike the Hindenburg, the crafts that I am going to build and use are to be made of non-flammable materials that will include both a leak detection and fire suppression systems on board. Am in the process of testing (actually NREL is) the safe usage of H2 in this application, and once this is accomplished hopefully a variance from the FAA will be forthcoming. The vehicles will use a combination of electrically driven propellers and air breathing LH2 powered rocket engine.These vehicles will mainly be contributing water vapor to our air. In the personal vehicle form, this craft will be in a blimp shape that will use the volume of H2 in it's balloons to provide vertical take-off and landing without needing power other than valving/pump to control the buoyancy by means volume control. This should also make the craft inherently safer as it does not need power or air-flow to get or stay air-borne. When launching the vehicle the vehicle will be stabilized by the use of electrically driven propeller. The craft once airborne will change its shape from blimp shape into a flying wing shape by extending out 3 electric/pneumatic spars that are attached to the wings leading edges. Attached to the leading edges are various sizes and shaped tiles/scales that interlock to form the outer shell of the vehicle. Which brings up another use for a platform of this type of construction. Which would be for solar generation/transmission. If the outer-shell was to incorporate solar panel technology, and the craft used autonomous flying control technology.

The use of this type of vehicle for this matter could greatly enhance our living conditions. From a discussion that I had with the director of solar research at NREL, if a solar panel on the ground produced 50 watts it could theoretically produce 100-150 watts at 50k-100000 feet in the air. mainly because the air temperature is about -50 degrees at that elevation. Another possible use of such a platform could be for WiFi on a world wide basis, & or for hurricane mitigation, and any other idea that would be universally beneficial. If and when these vehicles are made I intend to form a non-profit utility company for everyone's benefit.


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