Wireless Powered Sail Board

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This idea is to build a flying machine which can be anybody’s personal vehicle like a bicycle, bikes...etc. These devices will be more compact and will be designed like a skateboard which can fly. The person can float over the streets with this device. This device will be lifted with a dozen high power electric ducted fans which can produce the thrust to lift a payload of 100kg. This is build with the auto stability gyro unit so that it will be stable in any condition and very safe device to fly on.

The power system for this device will be a unique one. The difficulties in the board is the power source which needs to power a dozen high power motors and the overall weight of the machine must be considered as a main parameter. So to overcome this we came up with a concept of wireless power transmission in this device which eliminates the battery in the devices which can reduce the weight of the machine which can increase the efficiency of the device. This makes the device futuristic and makes the flying experience awesome.

This device works on a wireless power transmission concept where the sail board will hover on the pre-planned lines which will power systems wirelessly transmitted by alternating copper coils placed in the planned path.


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    Dinesh Kumar G
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    S.Naveen Raj ,M.Nithyasri,M.Prakash Chand,N.Yuvaraj,G.Balasubramanian,R.Priyanka, Hemanth Kumar
    Faculty: G.Dinesh Kumar & D Gowrishankar
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