Medical Check Aboard

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Until now customers go to an airport to take an international flight by an airplane service company and when they want to be medically tested go to a medical service provider. Sometimes passengers take flights with the purpose of being treated by a medical test provider at the destination. But now this is about to change.

In the short future those two services will be provided to the customers simultaneously, i.e. passengers will be served with medical checks on board or at a facility at the airport while waiting during a stop in an equipped for the purpose facility at the airport.

The main purpose of a flight company is to transport customers/passengers, many of those flights imply long hours inside the airplane to take their passengers to destination or passengers waiting long hour stop in an airport to take their next flight connection to their destination. During these long hours awaiting passengers could be provided with other service that make their waiting worthy, why not offering medical check services to them?

Both air transportation and medical checking are services whose main input are passengers/patients/customers. Customers need air transportation and health services, providers require quite different resources to accomplish the function of transportation and the function of medical/health treatment.

But technology will provide the resources, the means to make possible to sequence both activities/services together.
There is no constraints in providing medical check or treatment to a passenger being air transported except that the airplane shall have the facilities/technology/personnel to do it. The same should apply to a train or a ship. Part of the airplane deck shall be destined for medical facilities and crews or the passenger seat will be fit with sensors to test the health state of each passenger and the data send to a control room to be analyzed by the medical crew on board or at the facilities in the airport and a certificate issue to the passenger stating their current state of health. The passenger database will be stored and updated in an international HealthBook, so each time the passenger flights his register is updated.

It is said that more than 1000 million passengers flight each year, by providing health services or medical checks onboard a synergy of medical services and air transportation will be created, facilitating the development of a new world of technology, data handling and communication, safety and innovation to operate this new technology will generate new methods and techniques and new jobs. Millions of hours spent by customers at inland medical facilities will be translated and interchanged to medical checks hours during the stated transportation period, with a huge amount of hours saved.

The passenger and the time are available within an air transportation service both are required also by a medical check service, let the transportation services provide both. Both will be required for the interplanetary travel of the future.


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