Drone Concept for the Stratosphere

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An idea from 1985 now updated. Although direction back to balloons, drones are more flexible. Large wing area with solar cells, bent slightly to catch more light when the sun, off apex. 2 concepts ST-1, and ST-2. Concept can be enlarged for passengers. Concepts also useful for Mars missions, rather than helicopter. Drones to carry 100kg to 200kg equipent for surveillance, or Internet,TV transmissions to remote areas.


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    Karl Smarsch
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    Sr. Proj. Manager/Consultant
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    IMSI design software
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    Aircraft/ Flying / Technology in general
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    Always seeing opprtunities to design aircraft. Reducing wing span, but a large area for solar cells, Instead of huge wing spans and narrow wing with solar cells, as currently featured. Had the idea 30 years ago. Passenger carrying, and useful for missions on Mars, instead of mini-helicopters?
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