eVTOL Foldable Wing Aircraft

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We are designing an eVTOL system which can act as a Personal Flying Ship or as an Air Taxi in the Busiest Cities in the World. Over the past few years the race for eVTOLs has accelerated just after UBER announcement for Flying Air Taxis in 2023. More than 100 companies are competing for winning the bid and become the partner of UBER. The Future Market Of eVTOL is very bright.

So we are Presenting of eVTOL ”AIRAVATH.”
• Specification Of Airavath:-

1. Capable of Carrying 3 to 4 persons
2. Very silent.
3. Fully Electric
4. Emission less
5. Use of Wings for Increasing Efficiency
6. Expected Speed- 150kMph
7. Can Fly in case of Engine failure
8. Can Land Both Conventionally and Vertically
9. Highly Controllable
10. Duct Fan for low noise and great Thrust
11. Foldable wings for less Parking space.

3. Component Description-

1. Wings(rectangular and Forward Swept)
2. 4 Electric Motor(60 Hp or 134 Hp)
3. 4 Ducts
4. Servo Motor Folding Mechanism
5. Landing Gear
6. MultiWii Autopilot System

• New and Upcoming Power Plants-

1. Siemens - SP200D electric motor(Used in City Airbus VTOL), 134 HP

2. Airbus Vahana Motor- (Classified Name) 60 Hp.

• Propulsion System-

We are using Electric power ducted fan for thrust for our eVTOL. The system compromises of 4 duct rotors. Two of them are 2.6 feet each and other two are 5.1 feet each. 0.1 feet in each of them are for duct and clearance.
4 motors are used for vertical lift whereas front two rotors have tilt rotor system which will tilt it during cruise mode and it will help in forward flight. It will act as Main thrust source for forward flight.
Rear big duct motor will tilt only little during cruise flight for giving cruise flight. Rest of it will be used for keeping aircraft into ait during flight.
Front and rear duct will provide a great stability and comfort for passengers whereas Two wings system will keep the system stable.


Duct provide following benefits-

1. Improve Efficiency
2. Reduce Sound to Great extend
3. Increase Overall Lift
4. Reduces tip drag of rotor
5. Same thrust using less condition.
According to an study a duct can increase rotor efficiency upto 90%.

Our Thust is dependent on type of motor. We also require 133 hp motor or minimum 100 hp Motor for our job. Our Total Gross weight will Cross 800 kg easily. That’s why Much power is needed.

Calculations are attached in images. Due to 3 images limit, I am uploading data for forward duct only. Rear duct lift is shown in total thrust equation(e.g. - "Tt=458.581+155.091")
• Wings-

• Type Of Wings-

1.Forward Swept wings(rear) .
2. Mid section rectangular wing.


1. Use of ballist parachute for emergency in aircraft.
2. Use of wings gliding ratio in case of duct fan failure.#
3. Strong Passenger cabin.
4. Can land on 3 ducts.


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    Aditya Soni
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    Joining Air Force was always my dream but due to myopia i was unable but i want others to enjoy such flights with ease in cities without traffic hustle.
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